Special Limited Time Offer *** 3.70% 5 Year Variable + 4.09% 5 Year Fixed + Upto $3,500 Cash Back *** SOME CONDTIONS MAY APPLY

Rent/Lease to Own Program GTA

Our Rent / Lease To Own Program, Works With The Following Client Profiles

Rent to Own Program Mississauga
  • 1. Clients who have Bruised Credit and need time to build their Credit Score and Profile to Bank Standards. In these instances, we require 5% as the starting Down Payment.
  • 2. Clients who have Good Credit and just need time to accumulate the proper Down Payment. In these instances we can start with the greater of 3% or $ 10,000 as the starting Down Payment.
  • 3. Minimum income requirement is four times income to house value (i.e. $100,000 combined household income = $400,000 purchase). We will also include pension, ODSP, child tax credit, legal rental units as additional income.
  • 4. We don’t care about how low the credit score is, the score would determine the length of program of up to 5 years.
  • 5. Bankruptcy, if discharged, or currently in a consumer proposal.
  • 6. Business for self, income proof through bank statements.
  • 7. Salary income through job letter, pay stubs, T4 and NOA.

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